What Does How Much Mean In Math?


Calculating How Much Something Costs: What Does It Mean?


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  1. What does the arithmetic word “greater than” mean?

    Total, total number, addition-sum, all, in all, together, add, increase, increase by more than. larger than, subtract, less than, reduce by, less than, and fewer than.

    Does total mean multiply?

    Adding two (or more) numbers means finding their sum (or total). Subtracting one number from another is to find the difference between them. Multiplication means times (or repeated addition). A product is the result of the multiplication of two (or more) numbers.

    What does “twice” in math mean?

    Double as many. Example: Eight is twice four. or occurring twice. Example: “He asked her twice, but neither time did she hear.”

  2. A quantity of any kind, frequently one that is numerical.


    It means the problem is talk about quantity/volume of two things where one is more or less than in comparison of other.

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