What Does Wearing White To A Funeral Mean?


When it comes to funerals, what does the colour white symbolise.


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    Where do they dress in white for funerals?

    Eastern countries make a difference – Eastern countries have totally different customs and beliefs; therefore, the predominant color for mourning is white. Being this color symbol of the paleness of death, as well as the purity of the soul.

    Why is it bad to wear red at a funeral?

    Red and white – The color red was the most used for mourning in the Roman Empire, as well as in ancient Egypt. The choice of red was carried out due to its symbolism regarding blood. What we must also point out is that, however, it was also common for Roman women to use white as a symbol of mourning.

    When not to go to a wake?

    What can we transmit by not going to a funeral? – It is important to reflect on what we communicate with the fact of not going to a funeral. It can be disinterest, apathy, indifference, lack of solidarity or sensitivity. The person who died is already dead and in that sense, it is indifferent to him if we go or not.

    But the living, those who remain, for them it can be very significant to attend -or not attend- a funeral.

    So there is no right answer to whether or not you should go to a funeral.

    But we hope that this space will help you to have a broader vision of what it means to go or not to a funeral and allow you to make a decision with which you feel good.

    What does the color white mean?

    All the perceptions and sensations that a person perceives through his senses can cause an emotional effect on him. They are stimuli that can help us feel in a certain way. Colors are no exception and the psychology of color is a field of study that is aimed at analyzing the effect of color on sensations and human behavior. How do we perceive and behave in the presence of different colors? What emotions and sensations arouse us? Although much remains to be investigated in this field, the truth is that the colors we see or wear can influence our emotions and mental state.


    Women wear just white at church and funerals.

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