What hair color last the longest?


I am  going to hair coloring my hair colour. somebody are suggestion me which hair colour is long lasting.


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    Best for Long-Lasting Color: Garnier Olia Brilliant Color This is exactly what Garnier Olia Box Colorant uses to give you vibrant, permanent color.

  1. Which color lasts the longest?

    In terms of technique, the color that lasts best is undoubtedly permanent color, but it discolors the hair. If you have a clear base, you do not have to go through this type of coloring which remains aggressive.

    Which hair color lasts the shortest?

    The fleeting color is intended to last only 6 to 8 shampoos. Temporary or semi-permanent colors leave after 6 to 8 weeks. Finally, permanent coloring requires waiting for the hair to grow back to regain its natural color.

    Which color damages the hair the least?

    If you tend to get tired of your color quickly , choose a temporary tone-on-tone coloring, rather than permanent coloring. Very close to your base and without ammonia, this type of color reveals your reflections without oxidizing the hair , which has the effect of less sensitizing them.

    What is the best hair color?

    If you have a rather tanned complexion, the colors that will suit you perfectly will be: chocolate brown, aubergine, golden blond and red . In the case of sallow skin, dark brown or black are good options , for those who prefer dark tones.


    How to keep your hair color longer?

    Use conditioner and shampoo for colored hair.
    Space out hair washes.
    Use a deep conditioner.
    Invest in a hat.
    Protect your colored hair from UV damage.

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