What Happens If I Accidentally Called 911 And Hang Up?


What should I do in the event that I dial 911 in error and then hang up?


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  1. What happens when you call 911?

    We went to the facilities of the C4 (Command, Control, Computing and Communications Center of Mexico City) , from where the calls that Chilangos make to 911 are answered, to find out how this important service works. Check out what we discovered.

    When a person dials 911 and reports an emergency, the system immediately detects the point of origin of the call, which is corroborated by the operator and, once it receives the user’s indications, it sends the report to the corresponding authority. which is located in the same building and will coordinate care from there.

    For example, if someone reports a crash in the Paseo de la Reforma area, near the Museum of Anthropology, the report will be sent to those in charge of the Police, Traffic, Red Cross and Firefighters , who, first supported by security cameras of Mexico City, they will be able to detect the area to see the magnitude of the event at the same time that they coordinate the dispatch of the emergency bodies that are required.

    They could even use the loudspeaker system from there , the same one used for the Seismic Alert, to notify people who are near the place that the emergency services are about to arrive or ask them not to move the people involved in the accident.

    Where are they called from?

    The 911 in Mexico City only receives calls from landlines or cell phones that are within CDMX, although due to technical problems that the telephone companies have yet to resolve, they receive around 700 real calls from the State of Mexico every day.

    You can also download the 911 app for iOS and Android, through which you can have direct communication by phone or chat, you can even make “silent calls” in case the person requiring the emergency cannot speak because they are in some situation the dangerous.

    Emergencies can be reported via Twitter at @ciudad_segura (it is a very effective means when, for example, you need to send photos) and another way is the help buttons found on the posts of the video surveillance cameras in different parts of the city.

    As a curious fact, more than 70% of the calls received by 911 come from a cell phone.

    Where do they answer?

    The 911 operators work in a large call center located at the C4 headquarters, a building built with strict security parameters and from which emergencies, crises and major disasters are attended, so it also serves as an operations center in cases that so require (such as an earthquake or a volcanic eruption, even a massive event or an electoral process).

    In this place all the video surveillance cameras of the city are coordinated, in addition to those of other important facilities, such as those of the Metro , and those of surveillance of the Popocat├ępetl volcano; The seismic alert is also permanently monitored and it has reserved areas to be occupied by the corresponding authorities in case it is needed.

  2. When you require assistance, you can always call 911 using the three tiny digits on your phone.


    Public Safety / 9-1-1

    T-Mobile USA is committed to the public safety system to provide the best possible 9-1-1 service for our subscribers and roaming customers in case of emergencies.

    T-Mobile Initiatives for Public Education

    T-Mobile USA has a strong commitment to Public Safety in order to provide the best 911 service for our subscribers and roaming customers in emergency situations.

    T-Mobile is committed to educating our customers about cell phones and 911. We also cover topics like accidental 911 calls on T-Mobile.com and in materials we send directly to customers. The Washington State 911 Office created these brochures.

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