What Is 23 In Spanish?


In Spanish, how do you say the number 23?


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  1. The Spanish word for “23” is “veintitrés.” This is a long number that is simple for beginners and kids to memorize, but the spelling and writing of the term are more challenging. It’s vital to say numbers correctly, so have a listen to our language audio video below to learn how to say “23” in Spanish.
    For help pronouncing the number veintitrés, consider the following suggestions:
    In English, the letter v is pronounced similarly to the letter b (as in “boy”).
    Compared to the e in “send,” the sound of the letter e is shared by other words beginning with the same letter.
    The single I in “indeed” sounds like the “double ee” in “indeed.”
    The letter n is pronounced similarly to the initial n in the word “now.”
    The initial t sounds like the initial t in tint.
    The letter I is pronounced similarly to the letters ee, as in the word “truly.”
    If you need help pronouncing trés, just think of the number three.


    Number 23 in Spanish – número Veintitrés en español

    The number 23 in Spanish is simple to remember as the word can be broken down:
    The translation of twenty-three from English to Spanish is Veintitrés
    The number can be broken down into two smaller words to form Veintitrés as it follows a number pattern within its sequence from 21 to 29. This particular group of numerals start with veinti and end with the final number, in this example trés. Note that this basic word has an accent over the letter e which is not the case when translating number three. When these basic words are joined together, they form the number 23 in Spanish which is Veintitrés. There are tips and a language video below to teach kids and beginners how to say the numbers correctly in this language.

    23 in Spanish – Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers

    Number twenty-three is known as a cardinal or counting numeral as it represents quality. In the English language, we commonly to use the ordinal number in speech and written literature. Common uses in English include writing or saying the date, century, position and royal title. Spanish is not the same as ordinal numbers are rarely used after the 10th. The English ordinal for 23 is twenty-third, also written as 23rd.



    The translation of twenty-three from English to Spanish is Veintitrés

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