What Is 8 Body Fat Men?


I wish to know what 8 body fat is for men.


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    What 8% Body Fat (Or Under) Looks Like

    Obtaining the coveted single-digit body fat percentage is usually reserved for the likes of race-car drivers gunning for optimum weight, fitness models getting ready for a shoot — who, most likely, have also dehydrated and carb-depleted for the last week — or Hollywood actors for specific scenes. What you must remember is that whilst single-digit is an aesthetically pleasing look for many, for the majority it’s not practical to live by. In fact, even bodybuilders will often dip out of single-digit body fat only to shred hard in the weeks leading up to competition.

    Muscle loss, organ shrinking, nervous system damage, dehydration and fragile bone structure are all very real risks of low body fat. If this is a goal of yours, you have to approach with caution and supervision.

    How to Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage?

    If you’re hoping to discover the best way to calculate your body fat percentage, bad news: there isn’t one. Still, by tracking an incorrect body fat reading, you’ll know whether you’re going up or down. So, that being said, here are five ways of calculating your body fat percentage.

    Body Fat Calipers Calipers measure the thickness of your subcutaneous fat. Measurements can be taken from 3 or 7 points on the body.

    Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis A safe electrical signal is sent through your body, the system then calculates your fat percentage based on how your body responds.

    Body Circumference Measurements Institutions like the US Army calculate body fat percentage by using a calculation that requires recruits’ circumference measurements, age and height.

    Hydrostatic Weighing Also known as underwater weighing, this method estimates your body fat based on your buoyancy in water.

    The Bod Pod Again, this method estimates your body composition based on its density, but this time using air instead of water.


    8 percent body fat in men.

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