What Is Register Cricut Easypress 2 Mean?


I Want a circuit easypress 2 heatpress machine.I don’t know what is that . Anybody give some review about that machine.


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    After you have finished the New Machine Setup process, any Cricut cutting machines or heat presses that you own will be registered for you immediately.

  1. What is the purpose of a Cricut EasyPress 2?

    The Cricut EasyPress 2 is a portable heat press that will evenly apply heat to your iron-on materials providing you with professional results in less than 60 seconds.

    Is a Cricut heat press worth it?

    Compared to a regular iron the heat press gives equal pressure on all surfaces. It’s much faster. Shirts that were taking me 2-3 minutes to apply iron on vinyl to now only take 30-40 seconds. It’s much more effective.

    Do I need to register my Cricut EasyPress 2?

    Cricut cutting machines and heat presses are registered automatically when you complete the New Machine Setup process.

  2. Advantages of a Cricut EasyPress 2:

    The Cricut boasts that it heats up up to 24% faster than the first-generation model.

    Simplified safety base: The base is a little bit lighter and easier to grab than the older model, but it’s not a big change.

    Time and temperature settings from the last used are saved. OK, this might not seem like a big deal, but if you always use the same settings, it’s a huge help. No more jamming your finger on the buttons to get to 400°F.

    If the machine ever had a glitch or bug that Cricut couldn’t predict, this would be the only way to fix it (outside of replacing the machine). Also, turning it around and looking at the back is the easiest way to tell if you have the older EasyPress model. The micro USB port is on the newer model.

    Even heating from edge to edge: I’m surprised the first model didn’t already have this, so I’m even happier that the EasyPress 2 has it. For perfect ink-fusible craft projects, you need a surface that heats evenly.

    Temperature control up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit: This is used for ink that performs best at this temperature.The old one can reach 360 degrees Fahrenheit.So, you can use the older model with ink that can be absorbed, but it takes longer. I made this Infusible Ink project with the first EasyPress.

    larger area to press: the largest size of the EasyPress 2 is 12″ x 10″, while the largest size of the original EasyPress is 9″ x 9″. Large iron-on projects, like shirts, totes, and blankets, will be easier to do with the larger EasyPress size.

    The 12″ x 10″ EasyPress weighs 8.6 lbs (3.9 kg), while the 9″ x 9″ EasyPress from the first generation weighs only 5 lbs (2.3 kg). Even the 12″ x 10″ is light enough that you can carry it with you. It is much easier than using a big clamshell heat press, which can weigh up to 25 pounds (and some are even heavier than 40 pounds!).

  3. What do you need for Cricut EasyPress 2?

    Cricut EasyPress Mini.
    Cricut EasyPress Mat.
    Cricut apparel or tote blank.
    Design cut from Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet or created with Infusible Ink Pens/Markers.
    Butcher paper (2)
    Cardstock (80 lb.), White (colored cardstock not recommended)
    Lin roller.

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