what is sourcing in history


I have an doubt about searching in social history. please explain about it.


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    Sourcing is a research process for recruitment . Its objective is to identify specific profiles meeting a list of selection criteria for a given professional position .

    Applying is so simple today. CVs are becoming more numerous, recruiting is a real challenge. This is where optimizing sourcing becomes a winning strategy.

    Indeed, this new way of recruiting has emerged in Anglo-Saxon countries to quickly become THE strategy best suited to our problems today.

    Sourcing is above all a matter of choice and identification.

    When a company is looking for a specific profile , candidates are identified throughout the open-web according to the company’s criteria. Gradually, a database of profiles is created using digital tools.

    Subsequently, the candidates are ‘ preselected ‘: by telephone, by videoconference or in person. The sourcing managers refine the list of profiles according to their suitability for the position to be filled.



    Investigating the individual who created a document can help us better understand why they selected it and how they represented the event. This article examines a free set of online activities that provide elementary school children a novel and engaging approach to connect with history through primary source research.

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