What Is Tax Products Pe2?


Are Tax Products Included in PE2?


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    Unsatisfactory Amount of Money Received by the IRS

    If your refund was less than you anticipated, it’s possible that the Internal Revenue Service or a Financial Management Service (FMS) took a portion of it to pay delinquent child support, debts owed to federal agencies for things other than taxes, state income tax obligations, or debts owed to a state for unemployment compensation.

    If another organisation has requested that your debt be offset against their services, the FMS will take as much of your refund as is necessary to pay off the obligation. You will be sent a check or have your money deposited directly into your account if there is any remaining balance.

    How can I verify that my debt was included in the application to offset my tax refund:

    When the Internal Revenue Service issues a check or makes a direct deposit, they will typically send a letter to the recipient within fourteen days. Both the amount of the offset and the amount that you will get after the offset will be specified in the letter that will be sent to you.

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