what is tax products pe3 means?


what is tax ? why our government collecting tax?


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    What Is Tax Products Pe3 Deposit 2021?

    The refund is from Santa Barbara Tax Products Group. When you file your return and pay for TurboTax from your refund, then the refund money is sent to the the SBTPG. They deduct the money that you owe for TurboTax plus a fee to pay with refund.

    Regardless, what is tax products PE1 on bank statement? A deposit from Tax Products PE1 is most often a Federal refund for those people who chose the option to pay their TurboTax fees out of their Federal refund. … The description for the deposit often says something like Tax Products PE1 or something similar. A state refund comes directly from the state tax agency.

    What Is Sbtpg Llc Tax Products Pe3 Ppd?

    Santa Barbara Tax Products Group, LLC (SBTPG) is the bank that handles the Refund Processing Service when you choose to have your TurboTax fees deducted from your refund. This option also has an additional charge from the bank that processes the transaction.

    What is a direct deposit from tax products?

    An IRS direct deposit is a convenient way to receive your refund quickly and securely. IRS direct deposit is a popular option for many U.S. taxpayers. In fact, according to information from the IRS, eight out of 10 taxpayers choose this method to receive their refund.

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