What Is The Deepest Pool In The Us?


Find out how deep the deepest pool in the United States really is.


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    The closure of one of North America’s deepest pools

    The Olympic Stadium’s aquatic complex is home to a 15-meter deep pool that is unlike any other in North America and attracts hundreds of divers annually. The pool has been a boon to the local film industry, helping to bring productions to Montreal and making it a popular place for scuba divers to train. The technology has even made an appearance in a few Hollywood films.

    Gary Davis, an experienced scuba diver, says it can be difficult to find places to train in the winter.
    Unfortunately, they will be closing, he lamented. It’s great to be able to go diving and work on our skills because we can’t do that all the time.
    Resources have been reallocated to build the Institut national du sport du Québec and renovate the stadium’s ageing sports complex, according to a notice posted on the Olympic Park’s website. Due to the high cost of these renovations, we can no longer afford to keep the pool open.
    “The Olympic Park is in a tough spot, with few options for entertainment and recreation. As much as we regret having to make this choice, “that’s what the statement implies.”
    Darcy Kieran, the owner of the Montreal dive shop Total Diving and a certified diving instructor, says that the decision to close the pool upsets scuba divers in the area. 


    Deepest Pool In The Us.

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