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What is the real use of Facebook?

What is the real use of Facebook?

If you want good results, take a page from the playbook of established brands that have already launched effective real estate advertising on Facebook and model your strategy after theirs. A vital part of any successful marketing plan is using the appropriate tools. In this piece, we’ll also go over the connections offered by LeadsBridge that allow you to link Facebook Lead Ads to any point in your marketing stack.

1. Vakil Housing: Address the Problem Areas of Your Customers

Our first example of real estate advertising on Facebook comes courtesy of Vakil Housing. This real estate company creates an effective advertisement focusing on the customer’s most pressing concerns.

A key obstacle for several potential real estate buyers is the challenge of locating a large enough home to house the entire family. Take, as an illustration, future parents-to-be who may be looking forward to beginning their new family in a more spacious environment.

2. JSP Realtors: Make use of testimonials from pleased former clients

To develop successful Facebook carousel advertisements, JSP Realtors gathered the feedback of clients who had previously worked with the company to purchase or sell a home. It is acceptable to tell people about your real estate services and their effectiveness; nevertheless, it is far superior to let your current or prior clients talk about their experiences with your company. This tactic draws on the power of social evidence to strengthen the credibility of your brand. People tend to put more stock in the testimonies of those who have previously utilized the product or service they are currently contemplating purchasing. You may develop excellent advertisements on Facebook for real estate by using the testimonials provided by your clients. These advertisements will help build brand awareness and credibility. It is an excellent method for overcoming any potential customers’ objections.

3. Zac McHardy: Create a virtual tour of a home by using Facebook Live as your platform.

Realtor Zac Mchardy decided to capitalize on the sense of urgency and exclusivity that came with having early access to a listing that was not yet available to the public. The fact that he did it utilizing a live tour without edits, cropping, or scenarios gave the impression to the viewers that they were participating in an exclusive house tour.

In addition, the genuine nature of the Facebook Live broadcast contributes to the development of trust between the real estate agent and the audience, which results in a remarkable level of effectiveness.

Facebook Live is the platform’s in-house application for streaming videos in real-time. You may use Facebook Live as a real estate agent to provide a virtual tour of a home or live stream from an open house while you talk to potential buyers or tenants. You might also use it as content for promotional purposes. Facebook Live advertisements provide the feel of happening in real-time and in person, which helps develop trust in your brand and business.

4. Make use of the carousel advertisement type by visiting Daft.i.e.:

Carousel ads were utilized by the real estate company Daft. i.e., which is based in Ireland; this allowed the company to display many listings of available houses in a way easily navigable by potential customers. They also utilize it to demonstrate the many rooms and characteristics of a single place to generate interest in the house as a potential purchase.

Because it is very visual, which is a crucial aspect in attracting your prospect’s attention, the carousel ad style on Facebook is a beautiful format for making effective real estate advertisements. It is also a terrific format for creating effective ads on Facebook.

5.QuintoAndar: Maximize the effectiveness of retargeting to get past visitors and interested new ones back to your site.

The QuintoAndar advertisement is the fifth example of a real estate-related Facebook ad. They retargeted website visitors browsing through various real estate listings using the dynamic advertisements feature on Facebook.

With dynamic ads on Facebook, real estate agents can transform their property listings into advertisements displayed to prospective buyers who have previously visited those listings on their websites. Retargeting prospects in this manner is an excellent method for nudging someone who has shown interest in your business but has yet to commit to becoming a leader. This can be accomplished in a kind and non-threatening manner. The wonderful thing about these dynamic advertisements is that they can include a wide variety of helpful information about the property. This is information that potential buyers will want to know immediately, such as the address, price, type of home, etc.

6. Pacific Union Real Estate – Make use of aerial images captured by a drone:

The following example of a great Facebook advertising for real estate comes to us courtesy of Pacific Union Real Estate. They promote the available houses and the neighborhood engagingly by using drone footage.

The photographs and videos produced by drone footage are of a very high grade. Pictures of landscapes, stunning home exteriors, and other aspects of the environment can be captured with the help of drones. Use professional real estate photo editing services to improve your picture’s sensation of grandeur if you want to enhance photographs taken from a drone or the air.

When developing your Facebook adverts, use the footage captured by your drone to provide potential buyers with a bird’s-eye perspective of the property and help them understand why they might be interested in it. It is an updated take on traditional video advertisement.

7. Roger Prasad: Provide a free home evaluation for potential buyers

Home evaluation ads are a robust real estate strategy that can assist you in generating free leads without requiring you to engage in cold calling. Instead, you should try to grab people’s attention by demonstrating to them what the value of other comparable homes is, and you should provide them with something of value before you ask for anything in return. This helps your prospects trust you more, which increases the likelihood that they will collaborate with you when they finally decide to sell their house.


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