What Statement Is True About Conservation Versus Preservation?


Among the following, which best describes the relationship between conservation and preservation?


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    The National Park Service says that conservation and preservation are both ways to protect nature, but preservation is more about keeping nature from being used.


    Which of the following is true regarding the topic of conservation versus preservation?

    The two terms are often used interchangeably, but in general, conservation refers to the safeguarding of natural resources and preservation to that of man-made structures, objects, and landscapes. Simply put, conservation aims to make responsible use of natural resources, while preservation seeks to keep them untouched.


  1. What does it mean to save?

    Conservation is using natural resources in a way that doesn’t harm them. Wildlife, air, water, and things we get from the earth are some of our natural resources. Some of our natural resources can be used again and again, but others can’t.
    Water, wood, and sunlight are all examples of resources that can be used again and again. Conservation of natural resources that can be replaced means using them at a slower rate than they can be replaced. We can save natural resources that don’t grow back, like fossil fuels, by keeping enough of them for future generations to use.
    The needs and interests of people are at the centre of natural resource conservation. These needs can be biological, cultural, recreational, or economic.

    What is maintenance?

    On the other hand, to preserve something means to keep it as it is now. When it comes to protecting natural resources, the main focus is on those that have not been touched by people.
    The main reason people want to protect some resources is because people have been using them too much for housing, farming, industry, tourism, and other human development purposes, which has hurt their natural beauty.
    Conservation and preservation are two different things.

    The idea behind conserving natural resources is that people need to use them to make progress and develop. However, conservationists stress that changes should not be wasteful or hurt the environment.
    The goal of conservation is to lessen the Earth’s “wear and tear.” On the other hand, preservation tries to keep the resources in their original state.

    Conservationists try to manage resources in a way that makes them more plentiful and lets people use them. Preservationists, on the other hand, want to keep things the way they are because they believe that everything and everyone has the right to live, so they let trees grow without touching them.

    Most of the time, preservation is done in places that have already been damaged. Conservation, on the other hand, is done to stop damage or destruction before it leads to bigger problems. Most of the time, conservation and preservation are done at the same time in archival institutions.

    The main reason for this is that many conservationists also work as preservationists and vice versa. Also, most of the ideas and ways of doing things are the same between the two. To make the difference between conservation and preservation clearer, the goal of conservation is to fix damage, while the goal of preservation is to prevent damage from happening in the first place.

    Conservation encourages the smart use of resources and lets people use them in a way that makes sure they will always be available. Preservation, on the other hand, tries to keep things the way they are now, so it discourages the use of resources. In other words, preservation doesn’t let you use some resources.


    Conservation protects the environment by making sure that natural resources are used in a responsible way. Preservation keeps people from doing things that are bad for the environment.

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