What Time Does Washington Stop Selling Alcohol?


I’d like to know when Washington stops selling alcoholic beverages.


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    What time does Walmart stop selling alcohol? Is it starting to sell?

    Walmart is a household name in America. With nearly 5,000 locations, the grocery store chain is known as a place where you can buy just about anything. Many customers visit Walmart stores each day to buy some of the cheapest groceries within their budget, to return air mattresses, to buy shaved ice, the Sunday paper or scantron sheets. The Walmart MoneyCenter also offers money services like cashing checks or buying cheap money orders.

    Additionally, Walmart stores offer a wide range of alcoholic beverages, including beer, spirits, and wine.

    While it’s possible to buy everyday items at Walmart during normal return hours, buying beer at Walmart is a different game, governed by different state and provincial regulations.

    Before you grab your car keys for an overnight trip to Walmart or order online at Walmart.com, it’s helpful to know Walmart’s alcohol policy. You can save time and gas if you know when Walmart starts selling alcohol.

    what time does Walmart stop selling alcohol?

    Walmart’s alcohol sales hours vary by state and sometimes by county. Walmart starts or stops selling alcohol based on the state and county in which a particular store is located. This is because different states and counties place restrictions on where and when alcohol can be sold.

    In most states, Walmart’s alcohol sales hours coincide with normal store hours. So, depending on the state, you can buy alcohol every day of the week. For example, Walmart starts selling alcohol as early as 6 a.m. in Alabama, Arizona, California, and Hawaii, and as late as 7 a.m. in Florida and Arkansas. In other states, such as Delaware and the District of Columbia, Walmart alcohol sales start at 9 a.m. or as late as 11 a.m. in Utah.

    The time that Walmart stops selling alcohol also varies from state to state, but in most states you can buy alcohol until late at night or early in the morning. Unlike some states, like South Carolina, where Walmart stops selling alcohol after 7 p.m., most Walmarts stop selling alcohol from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m. in states like Virginia, Vermont, Texas, Wyoming, Washington, and South Dakota. In Nevada, Walmart also has 24-hour liquor stores that sell alcohol around the clock.

    Some states and counties restrict the sale of alcohol on Sundays. Other states set specific times during the day that retail stores like Walmart must start selling alcohol. For example, in Mississippi it is not possible to buy alcohol at Walmart on Sundays, while in Nebraska Walmart sells alcohol starting at noon on Sundays.

    Other counties restrict the sale of alcohol to state stores. Some “dry” counties in New Jersey, Mississippi, and Arkansas prohibit the sale of alcohol. Other states, like Alaska, don’t allow Walmart alcohol sales on Election Day until the polls close, while Tennessee bans Walmart alcohol sales on Thanksgiving.

    Frugal Reality Keeps You Away Walmart’s drinking hours vary depending on your state or county. This is because Walmart does not set the restrictions, but simply follows the rules for your state or county.

    Walmart is everywhere

    90% of Americans live within 15 miles of a Walmart. With some 5,000 stores across the United States, you’re more likely to pass a few Walmart stores along the way before finding a liquor store.

    Buy alcohol at odd hours

    Most Walmart stores stop selling alcohol late at night or first thing in the morning. For this reason, Walmart is one of the best places to buy alcohol at odd hours.

    Walmart sells alcohol in every state

    Unlike many other retailers, Walmart manages to sell alcohol in every state. Despite variations in state laws, the grocery store chain has a way of doing it. Chances are there’s a Walmart in your state that sells beer and wine in-store. In some cases, it has a separate building next door that exclusively sells alcohol.


    In most states, Kroger liquor hours coincide with regular store hours. You’ll be able to buy Kroger wine and spirits every day of the week, except Sunday, between 6 a.m. and 2 a.m., depending on your state. Alcohol sales, for example, begin at 6 a.m. in Alabama, Arizona, California, Idaho, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, Virginia, Wisconsin, Washington, and Wyoming.

  1. Every day between 6 a.m. and 2 a.m. in Washington, you can buy beer, wine, and liquor. Sundays are not restricted in any way. Alcohol deliveries, growlers, and a few exceptions to the minimum drinking age are permitted in Washington state.

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