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What’s the best one-liner in an animation or cartoon?

What’s the best one-liner in an animation or cartoon?

It is what this post gives you, as it collects short films that are also smart. Some people think these little works of art hide a real and compelling moral that, if it doesn’t make you cry, will at least make you smile.  

We’ve decided to show you 20 short films, which will keep you busy for about 1 hour and 30 minutes if you watch them all. Even though we only included animated movies, you can rest assured that they are all, on average, between 2 and 9 minutes long, giving you plenty of time to watch them with your family in peace.

Please check out the mini-wonders below and share this post with your friends to make them happy. If you want even more culture, we have a list of 15 places where you can take virtual tours from your couch. Take care of yourself and stay home.

1.Snack Attack

A young grandmother buys a bag of cakes to eat by herself. But something he didn’t expect will test his calm.

2 . Right now:

A mother surprised a small child who spends all his time playing video games in front of the TV.

3.Trying Something New:

This young man was about to ask the woman he loved with all his heart to marry him when he got caught up in a crazy adventure under the sea.

4.Take coins.

This young child is interested in spaceships and has always wanted to go to the moon. He plans to save as much money as possible to help him get there.


A little child’s optimism will be tested in a dreary, monochromatic world where grownups go about their routines.

6. Pip:

The dream of a clumsy puppy is to become a guide dog for blind people. For this reason, he plans to attend a specialized school and work toward a diploma.

7.Rainy Party

Please review and correct the myth that the stork brings babies to their parents. In this short clip, clouds try to have babies but don’t always succeed.

8.Mr. Not Interested

This cranky man didn’t seem to want to help anyone. Until a tiny occurrence occurs Joy is nine, and so is Heron. A loving dog will go fishing with its owner and try to stop a greedy heron from stealing what they catch.


When there is a full moon, all the animals join in a choral performance, usually led by a squirrel.


Two octopuses in an aquarium fall in love and stay together until one of them is “kidnapped” and fried.

12.A Quick Look at Mice

A great version of “The Lord of the Rings” is in which mice and rats fight in a city’s basement.

13.In between

A badminton shuttlecock falls in love with a bird that seems nice.

14.Misplaced & Found

A sad story about two crocheted stuffed animals who fall in love with each other. This stop-motion trick is so cool that it might make you cry.


Even though it can’t breathe fire, a young dragon will do everything possible to be chosen to march in the Chinese New Year parade.

16.The Lighthouse Crab Myth

Sailors are scared of a big crab with a lighthouse on its back. And he likes getting boats to donate to good causes.

17.Island pair

Two brothers get to rule over two islands that are the same. There is only one rule: the parts must be the same. Except that one of their wives will give birth to a child one day.

18.The King’s service.

An arrogant king asks a helpless beaver to cut wood so he can build a castle.


In this short Pixar movie, a stray cat and a Pit Bull that has been mistreated become friends.

20. The Love of Hair

This little black girl is having trouble with her hair. Then, her father, who looks like he’s never been through this before, is asked for help.

CSS animations that look great

CSS properties have made it possible to make things that look real. Graphic designers and front-end developers have realized this, gotten rid of the old Flash, and are having a great time competing in how creative they can be. Since I wrote my essay about how CSS changes photos, I’ve been dying to show you how powerful and useful CSS can be. Also, I’d like to remind you that websites with responsive design have been around since 2012, thanks to things in CSS called “media queries.” But that’s enough. The solution was to give you an idea of what can now be done with only code, though not in an objective way. So, I’ve chosen beautiful CSS animations made only from code for you (even SCSS, sometimes). Take care of yourself.

1. Set up a boundary:

CSS borders are used in a simple but effective way to make a very attractive loading-style animation.

2. Submersible CSS:

Here, we’ll talk about how the container shaped like a circular porthole is used in a very simple way that gives this cute submarine a lot of charm.

3. Solar energy system

A pretty accurate picture of our solar system shows how big the planets are, how fast they spin, and how many moons they have.

4.Menus and drop-down menus:

By playing around with the CSS transition attribute, you can make menus and submenus that are very precise. To see the submenus, move your cursor over the top menus.

5. The Bootstrap Carousel:

The animated and zoomInUp classes have significantly impacted the default Bootstrap carousel. The part that makes the site responsive has also been changed.

6.How many days until:

This one-hour countdown that shows information down to hundredths of a second is very appealing and never gets old.

7.Skill Bars number seven.

If you want to change the percentages and length of the relevant bar, you must change the values in the HTML and CSS sections.

8.The Book of Cartoons:

This pen is great if you need to make a landing page or market an ebook.

9. An envelope that moves

We carefully use the transform and transition features to make this animated envelope that looks great.


These animations are always useful to show when a website loads and can be made with just a few lines of code.

11.Making an animated SVG:

Only the small cat’s tail moves in this beautiful animation from an SVG file.

12.Stargate SG-1 is a TV show.

We can easily make the famous stargate by putting together a background image, a video, and some CSS classes.


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