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Which PSU is better in terms of job location and salary?

Which PSU is better in terms of job location and salary?

PSUs are also called Public Sector Enterprises or Public Sector Undertakings. PSUs are companies the Indian government, a state government, or a territorial authority owns in whole or part. On the other hand, most corporate equity is owned by the government. Candidates hired for PSU jobs through GATE in 2023 will be given jobs similar to those held by gazetted officers.

India’s electricity comes from

The PSU Recruitment through GATE 2023 scores will be split into four groups based on net worth, annual turnover, global presence, and listing on the Indian Stock Exchange. The Department of Public Enterprises decides if a business is a PSU based on how well it does financially and how fast it grows. Since they are PSUs, they will also be able to help make decisions about financial and administrative matters. It lets them compete with other market players in their own country and worldwide and win important titles. These rankings also show how the company and its workers are growing and doing.

Under this structure, Maharatna Companies are the most important ones. For a company to be called a Maharatna Company, it must meet certain criteria. Only then will you be known as a Maharatna Company. The business should have made an average of INR 20,000 crore each year over the past three years, and the average net worth per year should be 10,000 crores.

Because of the Maharatna classification, a company can better manage its finances and operations, and it could grow its business and become an important player on the world stage. Due to the status of the Maharatna company, the board can now make investment decisions worth up to INR 5,000 crores instead of just INR 1,000 crores without asking the government for permission.

The Maharatna enterprises can put up to 15% of their net worth into a project if they want to. It must be a Miniratna Category 1 and a Schedule “A” corporation. At least three “Excellent” or “Very Good” ratings for Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) in the last five years. As a Navratna company, it lets PSEs invest up to 15% of their net worth, or INR 1,000 crore, in a single project without government approval. A Navratna company can spend up to 30% of its net assets but not more than INR 1,000 crore. A Navratna company can make partnerships, joint ventures, and floatations of foreign subsidiaries.


Except for railroads, every department in IES has postings in major or tier 2 cities. But if you go to PSU, there’s a good chance you’ll be sent to a rural area. Most plants are in rural areas, which makes sense, and DMRC and POSOCO are the only ones that differ. IES is the better choice if you want to live in a big city. On the other hand, most PSUs have nice towns built close to their facilities, and these communities typically feature gyms, pools, clubs, and shopping centers.


PSUs offer competitive pay packages. Most PSUs have an average salary of INR 60,000, and you will also get allowances for things like your uniform and food at school.


When it comes to authority, IES wins. An IES service gives you more power and authority than a PSU position, and IES jobs also have a better reputation in society.


IES jobs have more responsibilities than other jobs. When you work in an industry like railroads, you must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. PSU has excellent facilities, and there are people from almost all big private hospitals on large PSU panels. Both are highly valued and respected positions in the government, but it all depends on the person. Even though many people like IES, PSUs are also good and are slowly becoming more popular. Some key ideas have come to me from friends in both fields. –


Most of the time, PSU workers make more money than IES officers. The salaries of companies like ONGC, GAIL, and IOCL are 1.5 times higher than those of the central government.

The starting salary for Maharatna PSU is more than for IES. You can move up in your job and do well; your pay can be up to twice as much as that of an IES officer.

What I noticed 

You might have to start at the bottom at PSU, but at IES, you can start in the middle and still enjoy your work. But the higher levels of PSU and IES are about the same in rank.


Employees at IES start with a vehicle, a peon, a staff member, and a driver. It is especially true in the railway industry. Using their names from the central gazette, they can sign documents, character certificates, and other things that need to be signed. PSU only gives cars to field agents and officers at the board level.

Career Advancement

In IES, promotions are based on years of service and age, while in PSU, they are based on years of service and performance. IES gets a 10-year seniority advantage after 30 years of service, while PSU gets a 7–10-year seniority advantage.


Staff at IES can move into large bungalows on campus almost right away. However, they have small, clean, and well-kept places to stay at PSU. They offer HRA, making it easier for workers to pay their EMIs on their apartments.

Tours and Travel

PSU has more things to offer for trips and tours. For general managers and above, they offer real-cost presidential suites in 5-star hotels. They also have more ways to travel internationally than IES, and IES only pays for air travel for its top executives.

Safety at work

Both jobs are very safe because they are with the government, but IES is a bit safer than PSU.


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