Who is Meru the succubus?


When I first began watching the anime series “The Testament of Sister New Devil,” I found myself having second thoughts (aka Shinmai Maou no Testament). Who exactly is this mysterious Meru, the succubus?


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  1. Meru and her younger sister, Mio, are very close. Meru is well-liked in the community, and she watches out for her younger brother, who comes from a pious household. Although she loves her sister very much, she also has feelings for other women in similar situations. Meru has a long and tangled history with her father, Mr. Shirai. They may be different in many ways, yet they nevertheless have important qualities that help them stay close.

    They are extremely devoted to one another and would risk their own safety to protect the other. If Mr. Shirai truly cares about his daughter, he probably doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her. When Mr. Shirai tries to get the better of Meru, she fights back with a succubus-inspired form of magic. She can transform into a variety of animals, including snakes, cats, and even fire demons.

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