Who Took Naruto’s V Card?


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    The first thing that Orochimaru did was steal Naruto’s virginity. After that, he gave Naruto injections of stuff that both wounded him and made him stronger. After a year had passed, the members of Team 7 who were still alive discovered him all by himself, covered in blood and emaciated. Sasuke saw that the eyes he was looking out of were not full of life but rather full of the desire to die.


    Where did Naruto’s V-card go?

    Our experts are occasionally confronted with this very inquiry. Now, anyone who’s curious can have access to the full, exhaustive breakdown. His first conscious moments were spent claustrophobic, naked, and restrained. Orochimaru robbed Naruto of his virginity before injecting him with poison and other substances that both hurt and strengthened him. A year later, what was left of Team 7 discovered him: alone, covered in blood, and emaciated. Sasuke also noted that his eyes no longer glowed with life but rather with a desire to end it all.

    Who nursed the young Naruto?

    Despite the fact that Minato and Kushina would have showered him with more love and affection, Naruto was protected by these individuals at various points in his life. Despite being unadopted, Naruto received excellent care. Because of the Nine-Tailed Beast within him, he was probably not adopted.

    To whom did Orochimaru deal his deadly blow?

    Winning the match gave Orochimaru the opportunity to enter the arena, where Gen’ymaru had the terrifying illusion of a monstrous snake poised to devour him. Gen’ymaru, upon learning that his body would serve as Orochimaru’s next vessel, wished for the release of his clan mates. Gen’ymaru accepted his fate and gave up control of his body.

    When and with whom did Orochimaru have a child?

    The scientific might of Orochimaru was put into creating Mitsuki, a synthetic human. Orochimaru is questioned by Mitsuki, who is concerned. The gender of the child is not specified, but Orochimaru does confirm that he is the child’s parent. In the anime, we see Suigetsu working alongside Orochimaru to form and shape Mitsuki.

    Can somebody tell me the name of Naruto’s sibling?

    Invented by Masashi Kishimoto, Itachi Uchiha appears in his manga and anime adaptation of the same name.

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