Why An Atom Containing 7 Protons, 8 Neutrons, And 7 Electrons?


My mam taught me about protons , neturons and electrons ; still I have doubt in it.



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    A Nitrogen atom with 7 protons and 8 neutrons has a mass number of 15 amu. However, on the periodic table, the atomic mass for Nitrogen is 14.01. How is this possible?

    The atomic mass for Nitrogen is 14.01 because the Nitrogen element exists in isotopic form.

    If a nucleus possesses 7 protons, 7 fundamental positive particles, it is by definition a nitrogen atom. The most abundant isotope (as they are called) is
    N, however, there exist isotopes where the nitrogen nucleus contains more than 7 neutrons.

    If there are 8 neutrons, fundamental neutral particles, we have the isotope
    N. This isotope is still nitrogen but it masses more than the regular isotope and its chemistry is still the same. The atomic mass of nitrogen is thus the weighted average of the individual isotope.


    Each atom is made up of a nucleus and one or more electrons that surround it. The nucleus is made up of one or more protons and an unknown number of neutrons.

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