Why Are Ultraboosts So Expensive?


Why are Ultraboosts so pricey?


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    Adidas Ultraboost

    The expectation that the Adidas Ultra Boost has raised never ceases to amaze me, in a week more than a dozen people have asked me if I was going to try it and when the analysis was going to be published. Well here it is, I hope it serves to give an idea of ​​what Ultra Boost is .

    When I first saw her I knew she was different. Only the shapes already indicated that it was a very elaborate shoe and that, if they had put a little interest in the dynamics, it could work very well. Later I read that Adidas called it “The best shoe in history” and what entered me was the desire to discredit that statement. One understands that the bike has to be sold to the rider, but that statement is too much for anyone, being well aware that when they launched the Boost everyone cursed Adidas and then it turned out that what they announced was true and more, so I wanted to be a little patient and face the test with an open mind.

    Saying that a shoe is the best in history should not be taken literally, no shoe is going to be the best for everyone, that was clear to me before trying it on and also afterwards, each person has their favorite shoes, some have found among all the variety on the market a model that is perfect for them, and so on. But from an objective point of materials, dynamics, cushioning, adjustment, materials.

    Chassis and midsole

    There are many things to take into account to analyze the chassis of the Ultra Boost, all of them together are going to be responsible for the performance of the shoe, it is not just a question of whether it has Boost or not, or how much Boost it has , well that it’s just a part of a very extensive engineering work that clearly shows in the Ultra Boost’s chassis.

    To begin with, we can talk about the measurements of the shoe, it has 27.1 mm in the heel and 16.8 mm in the forefoot, data measured by me and that is very close to what Adidas offers, so with the margin of error we can talk about a 27 – 17 with a 10 mm drop .


    The fact that the Adidas Ultraboost 20 is marketed as both a high-performance runner and a lifestyle sneaker is one of the main reasons for its high price.

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